Higher Education



CFA offers unique purchasing opportunities to both public and private colleges, universities, and technical schools  through current Furniture & Related Services Contracts that they hold in Tennessee and Georgia:



  • The University of Tennessee Furniture and Related Products and Services Contract
  • Georgia Independent College (GICA)
  • Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)
  • Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA)

Whether your campus is considering new furniture or reviving existing furniture cfa has resources available to accomplish your goals. We save college campuses tens of thousands of dollars every year through our unique, expert services package:


CFA employs one of the largest, most experienced staff of furniture installation professionals in the region. CFA will assemble just the right size team for your project.

on-site repairs

CFA offers on-site interior repair services for products that have received damage but cannot easily leave its home.


CFA combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmen to restore and enhance the natural beauty & strength of your tables, chairs, specialty items, paneling, doors & banisters, cabinetry. Our process virtually erases scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents.


CFA combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmen to reupholster seating, systems panels and acoustical panels

storage & logistics

CFA’s fleet of trucks is at your service for local or regional deliveries.




Unlike many furniture dealerships, CFA provides a wide variety of products that can also save your school time, money and resources while elevating it’s brand. These products are often considered to be “general contractor” or “architectural” in nature and may or may not fall outside the parameters of a typical furniture budget. These niche products are an additional way to upgrade your facility while operating in the parameters of budget or construction constraints . For these products, we never hesitate to bring in outside experts and knowledgeable vendor partners when needed, to further equip you with product knowledge or life cycle cost analysis. This can be be accomplished via factory trips, Lunch and Learns, or specialized product meetings. Please contact us (link to contact us page)if you are considering these niche products:

  • Architectural Signage, Interior & Exterior
  • Fixed Seating & Tables
  • Movable Walls
  • Fixed Seating & Tables
  • Window Treatments
  • Digital Imaging Products