Danez Black

Danez Black | President

Danez steers cfa’s internal production forward in her contagious quest of "finding ways to say Yes" to their client's ever-changing needs. Her employees and client's alike benefit from her 38 years of industry knowledge, but it’s her ability to create solutions that solidifies cfa’s infrastructure and unlocks her tenacious drive to exceed expectations.

Combine Danez’s entrepreneurial wisdom with her interior design, sales and marketing resume and she is overly qualified to attract and develop talented teams who can satisfy any furniture need on a college campus. Several Middle and West Tennessee colleges and universities rely heavily on Danez’s experience to bring cohesion and style to their campuses furnishings. She particularly loves restoration and refurbishing theatres, auditoriums and stadiums where she can save her clients money and help stretch their dollars but give them something they can be proud of by improving both the aesthetic and the longevity.

“Yes” builds loyalty. “Yes” crosses boundaries. “Yes” is an invitation to be different and “Yes” always allows Danez’s sales & design teams to see their client’s point of view more clearly as undying customer advocates.