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CFA has developed a very strong presence in the contract industry by forming alliances with 134 of the leading manufacturers (link to products page) in the furniture and related services industry. These alliances equip CFA’s Account Managers and Registered Interior Designers to bring cohesion and expertise to our clients in very specific areas regarding interior and exterior furniture. The vast product offering allows them to present the newest trends, newest technologies, and newest styles to furnish every square foot of your business - from internet cafes to conference rooms, war rooms to headache lounges, from lobbies to labs, from the open office to privacy booths - you will experience the most unique and functional solutions on the market today.

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Although CFA has found an excellent niche in higher education, we also serve corporate, hospitality, healthcare, religious and financial market segments. We have a wide variety of products that are considered “architectural” in nature and may or may not fall outside the parameters of a typical furniture budget. For these products, we never hesitate to bring in outside experts and knowledgeable vendor partners to equip A&D with additional product knowledge via factory trips, CEU’s or product meetings. Some the architectural products CFA represents include: