Byron Smith

Byron Smith | CEO | CFO

Byron lives his company’s mission in aspiring every project to be "on time, complete, and defect free." Byron has a clear strategy for every project and his 33 years of higher education experience qualifies him as an expert in meeting the ever-changing demands of campus life. A culmination of industry experience dating back to 1974 has donned him a master at processes, procedures and protocol so whether it’s new construction, renovation or a day to day project Byron consistently maintains budgets, proactively establishes cost savings ideas and stays abreast of new products and technologies for his clients.
His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to think outside the box as he invests ahead of the curve to maintain a calculated balance between proactive and reactive. This steady, consistent foundation manifests itself both in the trust and respect he has established with his employees, clients and manufacturer partners for over 40 years as well as the financial stability of his company.
Above all things business, Byron places his highest personal value in nurturing healthy, positive, productive relationships. …always the customer first.