Johnson City


josie hunter

interior designer

865.671.5050 ext.102

A great balance of technical and creative Josie's love for technical aspects of design drives her toward innovative, research-based solutions. This technical precision, coupled with a creative passion, results in sharp artistic computer skills that allow her vision to come to life for her client through marvelous renderings and presentations. She wants her clients to experience their space long before the project is complete.

eric stamps

project manager

865.671.5050 ext.107

Eric’s 22 years in the contract furniture industry has equipped him to successfully manage all of cfa’s large projects while his long-time community service as a Baseball Coach has taught him how to motivate and develop talents of those he leads. Thus, Eric leads by example and is calm under pressure. His vision for on-time completion is clearly communicated to all team members in the form of breaking a project down into manageable parts, identifying the players with the expertise to best complete that task, and then empowers them to thrive. His presence on large job sites reassures customers that they are valued.