andrea rogers serpas

interior designer/project manager

1.877.791.6475 ext.130

Andrea is a highly creative registered interior designer who is licensed in the state of Tennessee. She is resourceful and reliable with an uncanny ability to organize details as she creates design solutions such as furniture layouts, fabric selections, and CAD drawings for the greater Chattanooga area. Andrea has worked in the East Tennessee design community for 11 years, specifically with UT Chattanooga’s campus for the past 5 years. She is well acclimated to the campus’s protocol and procedures as well as the rigorous quality and performance demands of college and university settings.

tammy loper

account manager

1.877.791.6475 ext.131

Having been in the commercial furniture industry for 14 years, Tammy’s focus is still to Provide Value & Build Trust to every customer, every day. She strives to gain their trust in her ability, her company, and her products. She doesn’t waiver on her philosophy that people buy from people they trust, so she is relentless in her pursuit to find the best fit for every client, whether it is higher education, healthcare, financial, religious, corporate or hospitality. Her range of product knowledge is ideal and her ability to implement a client’s spoken goal into reality is performed with impeccable professionalism.

eric stamps

project manager

865.671.5050 ext.107

Eric’s 22 years in the contract furniture industry has equipped him to successfully manage all of cfa’s large projects while his long-time community service as a Baseball Coach has taught him how to motivate and develop talents of those he leads. Thus, Eric leads by example and is calm under pressure. His vision for on-time completion is clearly communicated to all team members in the form of breaking a project down into manageable parts, identifying the players with the expertise to best complete that task, and then empowers them to thrive. His presence on large job sites reassures customers that they are valued.